We are a certified installer of Hydrostop and Uniflex Roof Coating Systems

Not only does our roof coatings recoat and beautify your roof.  They also protect and repair erosion that has already occurred.

Silicone Roofing:

Performance and Sustainability

West Development Group (WDG) specializes in silicone roofing and polyurethane foam roofing technologies. Our products are ideal for commercial and industrial roofs and are developed with knowledge gained from years of input from roofing contractors.

Roof Leak Repair

WDG’s exclusive System 14™ Sustainable Silicone Roofing System is ideal for any challenging roof situation and provides a seamless, durable and waterproof roof covering.

System 14 is:

Eco Friendly Roofing

Spray polyurethane foams insulate and saves energy. Our solvent-free silicone coatings contain recycled EPDM roofing material.

An Economically Viable Roof

Contractors save time on installation and maintenance with System 14. And, our products with recycled materials often cost less than the virgin products they are replacing.

Functionally Equivalent

System 14 silicone coatings use recycled EPDM that strengthens and enhances the physical properties of the topcoat, delivers cost efficiency when compared with traditional fillers, and performs as an excellent UV inhibitor.

Performance and sustainability from a silicone and spray polyurethane foam roofing system that saves you money.

This one will also help you save the planet.